How we helped Troy connect with his customers and communicate what they do.

Results Achieved

  • Clear message about what they do for their customers

  • High quality content for their new website

  • Decreased closing times for sales reps

  • Increased inbound leads

  • Increased sales revenue

The Problem

Contractors leave a lot of money on the table by not taking the necessary steps to supplement the insurance claims for their customers. It’s a time-consuming process that many contracts simply don’t have the staff or bandwidth to complete.

Balance Claims offers a complex solution by providing a team of back office administrators that handle all the paperwork necessary to get insurance claims supplemented in a timely fashion. However, communicating the value-add Balance Claims creates would usually lead to a lengthy conversation the sales reps would have over, and over, and over again with perspective new clients.

Balance Claims needed a better way to communicate the value they created for their customers without bogging down their sales reps.

The Solution

We worked closely with the owners through multiple meetings to fully understand their business, in order to shape the perfect message. Then our production department created a clear and concise video that communicated everything a contractor would need to understand in order for them to see how much they could gain by teaming up with Balance Claims.

The video we created became the center piece of Balance Claims’ new website and a much-needed tool for their sales reps.

The Result

The video worked exactly as intended. New customers were able to grasp the money and time saved by teaming up with Balance Claims without have to go through lengthy conversations with sales reps. This allowed Balance Claims sales reps to spend more time closing and focusing on new business.


“Nice Flipping Job. This is Perfect.” -Troy Clymer, Balance Claims CFO