How we helped Aaron build his brand to generate leads.

  • Increased Brand Awareness

  • Consistent voice across social platforms

  • Rebrand that resonates with the target audience

  • Ads that maximize target audience engagement

  • Ads that create lead Generation

The Problem:

The first time we sat down with Indy Roof Company owner Aaron Christy. We dove deep into the problems that were holding Indy Roof Company back from growth. The biggest problems Indy Roof Company was facing could be whittled down to one main problem. The brand recognition and brand resonance of the branding. Homeowners in the Indy area are faced with numerous options when it comes to selecting a roof company, but we realized homeowners are looking for a company that they can trust and it is essential that the brand story communicates that from the start.

The Solution:

We worked closely with Owner Aaron Christy and Vice President Josh Conrad to do a full analysis of who Indy Roof Company is and what their customers are looking for. We performed studies of the target audience and what brands they would trust based on their brand imaging. This created the start of the rebrand. Indy Roof Company needed a consistent voice and story behind their brand. It was time for Indy Roof Company went beyond the logo and lived their brand every day.

This process consisted of a complete rebrand. A set of brand guidelines was created and all company supporting materials were structured around the guidelines. Once Indy Roof Company had the imaging to better resonate with the customer, it was essential to give the brand an identity. This included developing a voice, consistent imaging, and consistent messaging. Through the creation of custom email signatures, testimonial videos, website redesign, consistent social media feeds, and much more, Indy Roof Company now has a brand that is more than just a logo. It is a brand that creates trust and is immediately recognized by customers.

The Result

With a well-established brand, Indy Roof Company became the number one roofing company in Indiana. Indy Roof Company boasted the highest engagement per week on social media platforms against their toughest competitors. A UTM tracking system was implemented that could attribute their dollars invested in marketing to actual profitable results.

How could your brand bring clients to knock on your door?

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