It’s not just enough to target and find you prospective clients, you must delight them. In order to do this you must create a customer journey that is frictionless.

We help integrate the latest technologies as well as give your sales teams the resource needed to maximize their efforts.

We uberized the inspection process for Indy Roof Company. 

When we first started working with Indy Roof Company we found that they were losing a lot of business because of the inefficiencies in the scheduling of their roof inspections. The original process had the homeowner enter their information on website form then someone at Indy Roof Company would call them back and schedule an appointment. However, sometimes the person responsible for calling them back would be busy so the homeowner was left waiting for a call back which would lead to them calling other roof companies.
We removed the human element of scheduling, much like Uber, and put the power of scheduling in the hands of the homeowner. We did this by working with a software company to build a custom calendar which would allow the homeowner to schedule a specific time for their roof inspection. Then we integrated their calendar directly into the Indy Roof Company CRM and created alerts so Indy Roof Company project managers would know when and where they needed to be. We took it one step further and added texted and email notification to let the homeowner know that appointment had be received.  



We elimenated customer confusion for Balance Claims.

Insurance supplementing can be a difficult thing to understand if you have never done it. We found that the Balance Claims sales team was spending a lot of time with new customers explaining all the documentation and information needed in order to process a storm restoration insurance claim. 
We created an online community called Balance Academy to education new prospects for Balance Claims. This community has specific videos detailing the entire supplementing process so prospective clients would have the clarity needed to be a good customer. Along with detailed educational videos we also have two employees from Balance Claims go LIVE twice a month to field and questions directly from new prospects. Balance Academy has generated a smarter client base and freed up a lot of time for the Balance Claims sales team. 

Don’t talk about your software show it. 

Both Earthwave Technologies and Deep End Talent Strategies had developed sophisticated software that was very time consumer for sales reps to explain. This would create a lot of inefficiencies in the sales process because of the effort it would take to go over all the intricacies and value these softwares generated. Often times the sales teams for each company would meet on a per client basis to explain how their software worked. 
We created dynamic tech demo videos for each company that would walk prospective clients through the software and clearly define why it would help their company. Instead of sales reps from Earthwave Technologies and Deep End Talent Strategies sitting on lengthy Zoom calls one client at a time, both companies could easily share a video about their software and focus on selling…not explaining.